Book of ridingtherapy

Table of contents

Greetings from the Organisators of the Finnish Riding Therapy Education


Part One

Riding Therapy – A Holistic Form of Rehabilitation

1.      Preface

2.      Neurophysiology of Riding Therapy

Part Two

The Horse and the Use of Equipment in Riding Therapy

3.      The Horse, the Stable and the Possibilities They Represent in Riding Therapy

4.      The Effects of the Horse and the Challenges it places on Man

5.      Horse Locomotion and its Biomechanics

6.      The Anatomy of the Spine and its Functions During Horse Locomotion

7.      The Effects of Riding on Wellbeing

8.      Riding Therapy and the Use of Equipment

Part Three

Riding Therapy as a Modality of Rehabilitation: When the Psyche is Shaken

9.      Horse As an Aid in Psychotherapy

10.  Riding Therapy in the Treatment of Depression

11.  The Possibilities of Psychiatric Riding Therapy in the Strengthening of Emotional  Interaction Skills

12.  The Possibilities of Riding Therapy in Promoting Drug Detoxication

Part Four

Riding Therapy as a Modality of Rehabilitation: When the Body Doesn’t Function

13.  The Assistant in Riding Therapy

14.  Riding Therapy in Adult Neurology

15.  Riding Therapy  of a Patient with MS

16.  A Trial Run of Riding Therapy on Patients with Lower Back Pain

17.  The Possibilities of a Patient with Tetraplegia Following a Spinal Cord Injury in Riding Therapy

18.  Diplegia and Riding Therapy

19.  Promoting Co-ordination, Body Awareness and Bilateral Functioning in the Riding Therapy of a Child

Part Five

Riding Therapy as a Modality of Rehabilitation: When Development or Behaviour are Challenged

20.  Riding Therapy of an Adolescent with Multiple Disabilities

21.  The Possibilities of Riding Therapy in Treating Learning and Developmental Disorders

22.  Autism and Riding Therapy

23.  A Child with Conduct Disorders and Riding Therapy

24.  A Child in Child Welfare and Riding Therapy

Part Six

Evaluation of the Effects of Riding Therapy, Quality and Audits

25.  Evaluation of the Effects of Riding Therapy

26.  Quality and Audits in Riding Therapy

About the Authors

Written by professionals

The Book of Finnish Riding Therapy has come out 10.1.2011. In this book the professionals tell about the meaning of riding therapy/hippotherapy as a rehabilitation method to maintain and develop Active Daily Living. The articles in this book give a wide range how riding therapy/hippotherapy is carried out, what are the influences and who will benefit from it.

The book is for professionals in Hippotherapy field, for rehabilitation and health care

professionals, students and hippotherapy clients and their kin.

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